Working Groups

The Action is formally joined by countries. 35 countries have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding of the network.

Individuals can also join and participate in the activities of ETHMIGSURVEYDATA. If you are a researcher —academic or non-academic— who did, does or plans to do survey-based research on EMMs, you can join the network.

There are the following Working Groups (WGs):

National-level data (WG 1) and sub-national- level data (WG2)

We are working on an inventory of existing surveys that includes information on sampling, survey mode, subgroups covered, and more. Our goal is to develop a data hub which provides metadata and all the relevant information for data access.

Contact: Johannes Bergh (national),
Anikó Bernát (sub-national),

Guidelines for measuring EMMs’ integration (WG3)

We develop a set of standards and procedures for the measurement of the various dimensions of integration. This includes taking care of methodological issues, potentials for data harmonization, the promotion of EMM survey data use and production.

Contact: Patrick Simon,

Training young scholars (WG4)

We are organizing training schools for young scholars to transfer the knowledge of the network to future researchers and stakeholders on a yearly basis.

Contact: Paula Tufis,

Interaction with stakeholders and dissemination (WG5)

We spread information on the network and stimulate the discussion on the various issues to academic and non-academic audiences. We further coordinate efforts to obtain additional funds for the sustainability of the network’s achievements.

Contact: Elena Ambrosetti,